Ask Better Questions Next Interview

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Blog by Aspire Team

In our Aspire presentation model, we focus on audience participation. We engage people by asking questions. This practice provokes thought and helps further their interests in the services we represent. During a job interview, candidates often expect the interviewer to ask them questions. If they really want the interviewer to remember them, candidates should have some effective inquiries of their own. Let’s discuss this further.

Questions serve several purposes, as we note in our Aspire training. We pose inquiries to elicit information and to engage the other person in a dialogue. People tend to respond well to others who show genuine interest in them. In an interview situation, asking questions demonstrates that the candidates are eager to learn more about the firm. This appeals to the interviewing manager because he or she gets to showcase knowledge about the company. The candidate questions we’ve found interesting during our Aspire hiring process include ones about our challenges as a company and how we measure success. These types of inquiries demonstrate that the candidate is seeking to understand what our needs are and what is expected of him or her. Another thought-provoking question might center on how feedback is delivered. This shows that the applicant wants to understand the culture and how we help our people grow.

Interviews are like presentations in that they are most effective when we seek to learn as well as share about ourselves.