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The Accelerate program isn’t about training you for a job today, it’s about setting you up for ongoing future success by giving you a full, 360-degree understanding of what it takes to build a results-oriented career.

Leadership Training California

The Aspire Training Method:

  • Training

    Everything kicks off with two full weeks of classroom-style training led by our most successful team members. This unprecedented access to upper-level management gives you a crash course in what it takes to be successful in business.

  • Feedback

    As you begin to put your skills to work in the field, you will continue to receive real-time feedback and direct mentorship to help you refine your skills and approach.

  • Placement

    After your Accelerate certification is complete, we’ll continue to invest in your future success by finding the right spot for you on our team. Because of the range of what we do for our clients, we have positions available in administration, marketing, customer service, sales and more.

What You’ll Learn

Our proprietary program provides education and experience designed to help you thrive in today’s competitive business market.

This comprehensive training covers everything from product knowledge, to marketing and sales process, to management and leadership skills.

Product Knowledge + Compliance

Before you can add value to any company, you need to understand the business model, value propositions, customer needs and industry compliance. During the first stage of training you will learn how to:

  • Quickly gain a 360-degree understanding of any new product or service
  • Master delivering compelling sales and marketing pitches
  • Use these techniques with real products and companies
  • Improve with real-time feedback

Communication Skills

Aside from understanding product and solutions, you’ll also practice speaking comfortably and confidently to different types of people in different environments.

Our trainers will help you master the art of:

  • Lesson: 1

    Networking and building relationships

  • Lesson: 2

    Engaging and interacting with people

  • Lesson: 3

    Responding to questions with ease and confidence

  • Lesson: 4

    Interpreting body language, facial expressions and direct communications

Business & Management Skills

Whether your goal is to become an entrepreneur, a top sales pro, or a well-rounded contributor, there are a core set of business skills that will help you advance your career. You’ll get hands-on experience:

  • Developing personal and professional leadership skills
  • Interviewing and training others
  • Learning how to build and motivate a team

The Path to Leadership

Once your accelerated training is complete, you’ll have the option to move into Aspire’s Leader Certification Program. This program is designed to further develop the skills you need to build the career that fits your vision of success.

We’ll work closely with you through professional mentorship. By understanding your personal career goals, we’ll find the right role within our organization that helps get you there.

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Leadership Training California

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